Laos Postal Services

Sending post from Laos is not all that expensive and is fairly reliable, but people still tend to wait until they get to Thailand to send parcels. If you’re heading to Cambodia, you’re better off posting your parcels from Laos.

When posting any package you must leave it open for inspection by a postal officer. Incoming parcels might also need to be opened for inspection; there may be a small charge for this mandatory “service”.

Waiting for mail to arrive, however, is not as certain, especially for packages. The main post office in Vientiane has a poste restante service. To send something here, please address it:

  • Person’s Name
  • Post Restante 
  • Vientiane Lao 
  • PDR

Note that there is no home mail-delivery service in Laos. You need to rent a post-office box. Throughout the country you can recognize post offices by the color scheme: mustard yellow with white trim. See inside front cover for opening hours

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