Luang Namtha: On Foot

Laos is one of the most bombed places in the world. During the civil war in Laos the amount of bombs dropped in Laos is more than the total amount dropped all over Europe during WWII!
Luang Namtha is one of the northern most provinces of Laos, bordering Myanmar and China; in fact there are daily buses to China. Luang namtha province supposedly is home to 39 minorities, but i wasnt too sure because i went trekking and mountain biking solo.
Wanted to sign up for a guided bike tour, as i’m quite whacky when it comes to cycling. However after inquiring at several tour offices, none had a one day cycling/trekking trip and i’m not about to fork out >30USD for a guided one day trek. This guy in the office told me to cycle about 7km to the airport, turn left for a village, turn left for another village, turn left, and turn left. just turn left?
Out of curiosity i decided to trek to the nearby villages on foot. Had no map with me so i took a few wrong turns before i found the bridge to Ban Thong Jai Neua. Ban is village in Laos.
There was one sandy road flanked by rice fields and the villagers were working on the rice fields. Friendly and cheerful villagers saying sabaidee (hello) and posing for pictures. They are so pretty. There are many children in the villages, and they gather together in the evenings to play.
Luang Namtha: On Foot

As i was trying to find a shortcut gone wrong, i happen to say sabaidee! to this group of kids playing in front of a house. And the rest is crazy photo taking time   :) somehow we managed to take jumping shots when i have no idea what they were saying and they had no idea what i was saying.
The boy voluntarily grabbed his pet dog, ‘poppy’ he calls him, for some photos as well. poppy was scrambling all over the place so he had to grab him for a still photo shoot. After playing quite a while i feel the sun setting and decided to retreat before it’s dark.
Took a wrong turn and stumbled into a deserted looking path with rather dense forest growth. On my left there is a funny looking shrine and i guessed it’s a funeral shrine of sorts! Didn’t take pictures coz i’m superstitious that way and freaked out and doubled back because there were a swarm of insects buzzing around me relentlessly yikes.
Thereafter i stumbled onto a few more dead ends leading to the river and doubled back and arrived back to Luang Namtha. Wish i have a better sense of direction!
babasan: hey! you are missed too! can’t believe you are working alrdy… u look so happy back in hk hahaha   :)
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